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This offer has now ended.

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We always give our Bonus Card customers £1 free for every £20 saved. Between 16 and 29 October we'll also give you an extra £1 bonus for every £10* you save.

Bonuses will be loaded onto your card by 2 November.

The more you save, the more bonuses you'll receive.

To learn more about saving on your Bonus Card click here

Terms and Conditions: 1. This offer is available to registered Bonus Card customers with a permanent Bonus Card only. 2. Registered Bonus Card customers with a valid Bonus Card can earn a £1 savings bonus for every aggregate of £10 savings added to the Bonus Card between Monday 16 October 2017 and Sunday 29 October 2017 inclusive (“Promotional Period”). 3. Savings cannot be added to a temporary Bonus Card. Customers who register for a temporary Bonus Card and provide a valid email address between 16.10.17 and 29.10.17 will be invited via a promotional email to take part in an exclusive ‘welcome to Bonus Card’ savings offer after their permanent Bonus Card has been received in the post. 4. To qualify for a £1 bonus, customers must add an aggregate of £10 of new savings (in one or a series of transactions) onto their Bonus Card during the Promotional Period. Multiple £1 bonuses can be earned during the Promotional Period for each aggregate of £10 of savings added, up to a maximum of £1,000 savings balance (see Bonus Card Savings terms and conditions for full details). 5.Each £1 bonus earned will be loaded onto qualifying customers’ Bonus Cards by 02.11.17. 6. Each £1 bonus will expire and be removed from the Bonus Card on 02.11.22. 7. £1 bonuses will not count towards savings for the next milestone. Once a savings milestone is met with new savings, the milestone will be reset and a further total of new savings must be added to your savings balance (in one or a series of transactions) to receive your next bonus. 8. Adding savings onto your Bonus Card, or receiving £1 bonuses will not count towards any other Bonus Card spend target promotion(s) you may be invited to take part in. 9. Participation in this promotion is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions. 10. For full terms and conditions of this promotion click here

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